Bana Ba Malahlela – A biographical description of the origins of Makhudu Traditional Authority


The book was written at the request of Makhudu Traditional Council on behalf of Makhudu Traditional Authority. The aim of the book is describe in detail the origins of Makhudu Traditional Authority as an institution and a governance structure tasked with the administration of Mankgaile village in Ga-Molepo. The aim of the book is to transfer knowledge held by elders of the council to the younger generation thereby helping bridge the generational gap. In addition, the book will help do away with stereotypes often associated with traditional leadership such that people begin to understand the relevance and importance of indigenous knowledge systems in 21st century. The first edition of the book is written in Northern Sotho pending possible translation into other languages in the next edition.

Written by: Mahlaga Molepo on behalf of Makhudu Traditional Council

Cover design: TawandaMhandu(from Zimbabwe)

Contributors: Mr Mashegoane John Molepo, Mr Mashao Mashaphu, Mrs NtšeboaMashaphu

Proofreaders: Malahlela Calvin Molepo, Mr James Makgopa Molepo

Editors: Mahlaga Molepo

Publisher: Makhudu Traditional Authority



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