HIN4801 Research Proposal

geographic information science

Post graduate scholarship in Information Science at the University of South Africa(UNISA) can be the most pleasurable experience for graduates who have just entered the scientific world for the first time.

However, some of us often find it difficult to relate to the load of work given to us by our lecturers and supervisors for completion. It eases the job if we have inspiration from people who have already walked the path we are about to walk.

These people might not necessarily be mentors, coaches or brilliant scholars but engaging with the work they share on spaces like this(blog) can really go a long way in helping ease the pressure of being new to something.

My publishing some of my work here has nothing to do with boasting about the little pockets of success I have enjoyed in my short journey as a student, or to encourage others not to do things on their own. It is shared out of the love and passion I have for Information Science and its related fields, nobility and the responsibility I feel I have towards my fellow students and society at large.

I expect whoever is going to be interested,  in using my work, especially Information Science students at UNISA, to at least do the ethical thing by acknowledging the source as well as be critical in evaluating and analyzing my work. After all, that’s one of the reasons we are studying at university.

For safety, this body of work has been evaluated by the lecture/supervisor and reworked based on the comments received.

I have attached the file here for download>>>>>>>http://wp.me/a2ne71-cK

Hope it helps!


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