Makhudu Traditional Authority was founded in the early 40’s by extended members of  Tlou ya Kgatla Traditional Authority in Mamatsha village at Ga-Molepo, now Limpopo province, South Africa. Makhudu is the name of the eldest son of one the members of the Tlou ya Kgatla Traditional Authority of the Molepo Royal Family, who after realising the family was growing, requested a piece of land from Tlou ya Kgatla Traditional Authority in Ga-Mamatsha village. It was on this new piece of land that a new community(now known as Mankgaile village) was to be born. Although it took long negotiations for Tlou ya Kgatla to eventually allow Makhudu and his followers to go and get astablished as an independent village with its own governance structure, a settlement was finally reached.

After the negotiations, the senior Traditional Leadership of Ga Molepo at Boshega village took a step foward to swear in the founding members of Makhudu Traditional Authority into leadership. However, the family(ba ga ramogolo a tsona in Northen Sotho) that was chosen to lead an inagural governance structure declined the offer. Upon hearing this, there was a need for a change of plan and the powers were then trasferred to the second eldest family(ba ga rangwane a tsona in Northen Sotho as per tradition). It was these members of the second eldest family of the newly formed Traditional Authority who held the leadership position from then until now(2012). Although the name of the traditional council remained Makhudu, the second eldest family(ba ga rangwane a tsona in Northern Sotho) coined its own governance administration and laws.  

Makhudu Traditional Authority precides over a huge piece of land that cover the following areas: Mankgaile, Masalang, “Florah Park”, and Mountainview. Traditionally, the border under the control of Makhudu Traditional Authority starts at a river called Mogau south of Mankgaile to the other side of a river called Kwenane near the two ZCC churches at Boyne. Makhudu land has a rich bio-divesrity with lots of wild game and animals, wild fruits, breathtaking landscapes, a river that flows passed, heritage sites and mineral properties such as lime. The extended town of Ga-Molepo, with its 35 villages(and still growing), has mineral properties such as gold and asbestos. Makhudu Traditional Authority is a beneficiary of all natural resources found in its area of jurisdiction and those outside  through Molepo Community Development Trust.

For more on Makhudu Traditional Authority follow a post on this blog titled BANA BA MALAHLELA – an autobiography of THE ORIGINS OF MAKHUDU TRADITIONAL AUTHORITY.


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    1. Hi Mologadi.

      Such historical documents are hard to come by since most of the knowledge is embedded in the minds of our elders. As you know, most of our history was either destroyed or hidden from us by the colonisers.
      I am sure you could get a secondary source on that, mostly among knowledgeable elders. Most of the time its up to the information seeker to device means of sourcing out such vital information.

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